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Postcode - SL7 1RE

From Marlow Lock or Hurley or Hambleden

Get yourself to Marlow High Street
Go over Marlow Bridge (narrow, you have to give way to oncoming cars)
Take 1st left signed Cookham Dean/Longridge Scout Camp
Under road bridge
Longridge Scout Camp on left

PARKING - you will probably be stopped from entering the first entrance to the camp and directed on to the second. It may be pretty chaotic (watch out for trees, of which there are a great number, and rough ground!) but it takes a huge number of cars. Despite some DW volunteers trying to organise the parking, demand outstripped availability and some people had to (or chose to) park beside the road outside the camp.  This may have been a good move because they could walk in through the first gateway to the campsite which was much closer to where the paddlers pitched their tents, thus reducing the distance they had to carry all the kit.

Once parked, walk through the campsite to the riverside to watch your crews come in. 

FOOD - cafe on campsite was serving food and hot drinks on the Saturday evening and also on Sunday morning.  Someone had also started up a commercial BBQ - which the paddlers are not allowed to use for their suppers!

Map - click SAT for aerial view

Longridge Scout Camp website