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Postcode - RG14 1RS Northcroft Recreation Centre

From Hamstead Lock/Marsh Benham:

Retrace route from Hamstead Lock back to the A4.
Turn right on to A4 towards Newbury
1st roundabout continue on A4 to Newubry, passing over A34
2nd roundabout continue on A4 to Newbury
Just after Starting Gate pub and opposite Robert Sandilands School on left, turn RIGHT*
Enter Old Bath Road
At mini roundabout turn right into Strawberry Hill - signed Northcroft Recreation Centre
Follow road round to right in front of Lion Public House
A T junction turn right into Northcroft Lane, singed Northcroft Recreation Centre
Car park on your left before you get to the Centre

* If you miss this turn, don't worry. Carry on to a big roundabout. Take far right exit to town centre (Waitrose supermarket on your right as you turn left). Continue to mini roundabout (before clocktower) and turn right and follow signs to Northcroft Recreation Centre - this is the route we took and it works!

PARKING - car park on your left or you might be lucky enough to be able to park along the road leading to the Centre buildings. 

The playing fields are surrounded by a fence and you will have to walk from where you park your car, through a gate in the fence, across the playing fields to the campsite which will be marked off by tape.  If, like us, you come unprepared you will find you will make several journeys back to your car for all the camping gear - suitcase wheels, a sack truck or even a small wheelbarrow would help! 

To see your boat come in, you will have to walk further across the playing fields to reach the canal - about half a mile in all.

Hotels etc. in Newbury

Once you've unloaded all the camping kit for your crew and taken away anything they need washed or repaired, you can head for your own place of rest for the night!

See our link Where to Stay - however, don't just turn up at a hotel and hope for a room!  Remember this will be Easter Weekend. Best to book as far ahead as you possibly can. (a) To be sure of a room and (b) to get the best possible price.

Newbury has lots of restaurants - click on link below - probably best to book ahead.

Buying Supplies

Newbury is a biggish town with lots of shops that were probably open on Good Friday. Depending on what time your crew gets in, smaller shops might not stay open past 4pm.  However, big supermarkets definitely will be open - we found a 24hr Tesco near our hotel so were able to stock up. We also filled up with petrol.  I'm sure there were other supermarkets open too. 
The Tescos we found is at:
Pinchington Lane, Newbury, RG14 7HB

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