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The Last Morning Start

You will have been told what time your crew will be setting off and this of course depends on the tide. In 2011 we had a relatively late start from 9am onwards.  Unlike previous years when there was a mass start in 2011 the start was staggered so crews set off in groups of 8 or so at timed intervals, the fastest leaving first and the slowest last.  Each crew is put into a lettered/numbered group and they wait in taped off areas in their groups until they are called by DW officials to get ready.  They then get into the water where they got out the evening before.  You can either watch them set off from the TYM buildings or go to the bridge over the lockgates. 

Be warned - this is quite an emotional moment as they set forth for the last time to complete their epic journey.

Once your crew has set off, return to your car and then either find one of the many bridges they will pass under or head straight to Westminster.

NB - Even though the boats were not due to start leaving until 9am we were told to be at the campsite for 6.30am.  Once we'd packed away the camping gear there was a huge amount of waiting around with NO coffee or tea or any food on offer at the campsite.  Tip - take a flask!

Click for information about the Bridges en route
Click for information about the Finish at Westminster Bridge/St Thomas's Hospital.

NB You do NOT need to pay the Congestion Charge as it does not apply on Bank Holidays.